Fairness Policy

Mencap is committed to ensuring that all lottery and raffle activity is operated and conducted in a secure, fair, and socially responsible way, actively endorsing responsible gambling amongst its supporters.

Every lottery and every raffle has a strict set of rules that also form the Terms and Conditions (see above), and are made available permanently to all customers, both online and upon request.

Mencap is registered with the Gambling Commission under the most recent iteration of the Gambling Act (Operating Licence 000-020259-N-303264-011 and Ancillary Remote Operating Licence 000-020259-A-313875-004)

Mencap employs an ELM who use a Random Number Generator that has been licenced by the Gambling Commission as a part of the Gambling Software supplied by licenced organisations. Lottery and raffle draws are conducted at the External Lottery Manager’s (ELM) premises.

All profits from lotteries and raffles are used to fund Mencap’s vital work.

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